Our Organic Oil is a 100% natural and handmade product. Since starts growing until they reach the consumer the highest standards of organic farming are followed, controlled all times by agencies certifiers. Thanks to all the painstaking process of growing, harvesting and packaged we get this organic oil of unbeatable quality, healthy and with excellent flavor.

virgen extra ecologico


Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Ecologic production


Serrana de Espadán and Arbequina

Pairing note

Recommended for hot and cold options although we recommend it especially for meat, fish and salads to take crude.


Casalbert organic olive oil was created after a long experience and olive tradition of over 50 years. The selection of olives, collected at optimum ripeness and with maximum delicacy in the extraction process make of Organic Casalbert unparalleled ecological oil. Among his many qualities include its intense fruitiness and a wonderful touch of green tomatoes. How couldn´t it be otherwise, the softness of this oil makes it well balanced in mouth. Also leave us our mouth clean and fresh after denote an intense fruity flavour.