Prodexpo Moscow 2016 has received Oils Albert with the latest innovations in Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin and the new design DOP Extra Virgin Olive

In Hall 2 in hall 3 stand No. 23B85 Oils Albert has made publicly available its entire product catalog Oil, Extra Virgin Olive DOP. Visitors were able to check product quality and, above all, quality of service, which since 1959 has been offering Casalbert.

FROM 25 TO 28 APRIL 2016

Aceites Albert participated in the fair Prodexpo 2015, held in Moscow between days 09 and 13 February, as it has done every year.

Prodexpo is considered the most important food fair of all those held in Russia and even one of the most important worldwide. That is why our company comes timely as it could not be otherwise.

This year, Aceites Albert has presented a new product in this event. Nowadays this product is highly demanded by the consumer. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casalbert that blends the high quality that always represents our Olive Oils with natural and craft production that follows the strictest and most rigorous methods of organic farming. It is a product that thanks to its meticulous process of growing, harvesting and packaging succeeds in becoming healthy oil, of excellent taste and high quality certified by the Organic Farming Committee and the seals ES-ECO-020-CV of the European Union. Thanks to all this background the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casalbert was well received in this fair, even above the high commercial prospects we deposited.

With many years as part of the team of Casalbert, D. Vicente Benet has retired today. The companions, in a celebration Thank you all contributed to the team, not only professionally but also personally

Thanks Vicente.

A. Albert

As it is usual in the recent years, Aceites Albert S.A. has been present in the food fair called World Food 2015, celebrated in Moscow during the days 14 to 17 of September.

The World Food fair represents, behind Prodexpo, the most important trade fair in Russian lands and due to the date that it take place in, is the fair that attracts more visitors from the most remote regions of the country.

Aceites Albert S.A. will participate for the first time in the Nordic Organic Food fair that it will take place in Malmo the days 1 and 2 of November and where we will present our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casalbert in the Nordic market. We hope to have the same great success of which has been awarded in the other markets in which it has been presented.