Casalbert I+D+I

Developed with the intention and capacity to become the reference oil in the frying sector in Spain. The product line allows us to offer each customer the product that best suits their needs


– Cold to moderate temperature: 180ºC
-Fill the bucket with new oil as it wears out, it will extend the life of the oil already in the fryer
– If you are going to fry several times, avoid turning off the fryer, lower the temperature.
– Do not throw used oil into the sink, collect it and take it to recycling.


Special Fries


Casalbert bets not only on quality but also on health, since in its composition saturated fats are absent and if they play an important role in its composition the High Oleic, Omega3, Omega9 and Tocopherols,ensuring a high content of good HDL cholesterol.