Casalbert vinagres

The best match for our EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL “CASALBERT”. Since the 4th century B.C. vinegar has had great importance in society thanks to its multiple applications not only in the kitchen, as a preservative and dressing, but also as a disinfectant for wounds, a nutritional supplement or a purifier
of body and soul

Wine Vinegar

Vinegar with the aromas of good wine, from the best selected red wines and fermented using the latest technology available. A vinegar formed and rested in oak barrels, obtaining its vinous flavour, ruby red colour and the typical flavour of vinegars aged in wood. You can enjoy all the benefits of red wine vinegar in a rich and fresh salad.

Balsamic Vinegar

The time and the noble woods produce an exclusive vinegar with a special aroma, recommended for meat and fish roasts and aromatic salads.


Wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar